Why the internet sucks

So, this is the internet, welcome to it. You can view this post because my webserver has an IP-Address. Also you have one, congratz!

Sadly, the internet has a problem, we all are running out of these strange old IPv4 addresses. There are 2^32 of them, a huge part is reserved for internal use, the other part is uses “in the real internet”. Right now we’ve got more people with internet capable devices than IPv4 addresses. Do we have a solution? Yes we have! IPv6 is the successor of Ipv4, the address space increased to 2^128 which is really huge. The address of this blog is 2a01:4f8:11a:b1d::2. So why does the internet suck? Because so many sysadmins didn’t deploy IPv6 right now!

Why? They have a legacy IPv4 deployment, this works for their usecase, but they simply ignore the fact that many many people run on IPv6-only or CGN/DS-light lines. The result is that one part of the internet can’t access the other part, who are these bad players?
Git provider seem to fail:

Many projects are hosting on AWS, they support IPv6 but in a very very dirty and broken way. Cloudflare offers free IPv6, but a few customers simply don’t enable it.

So you all:
If you run any service: RUN IT WITH IPv6
If you use any service without IPv6: Tell the operators to enable it, again and again and again

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