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Automate let’s encrypt with systemd timer

A long long time ago I wrote a blog post about let’s encrypt automation with systemd timers that triggers letsencrypt: Much changed this 2016. letsencrypt CLI is now called certbot, it can do auto renew via it’s own service … Continue reading

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Vox Pupuli Tasks – The solution to manage your git modules!

Who is not aware of the following problem. It’s Sunday afternoon, you’re bored. You want to do something useful, you want to contribute to the community – you want to review a pull request! This might be a more or … Continue reading

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Dovecot: Apply sieve filter to existing emails

I recently restructured my email setup and updated my sieve filter (server side email filtering). I now have a sieve configuration file that’s way stricter. Many of the emails in my INBOX would now be sorted into subfolders, but Dovecot … Continue reading

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