What is Puppet-Community?

I’m a Puppet-Community member since the 31. of August 2015. Since than, a few colleagues asked me what we do:

In my opinion, our work is split up into three parts:

  • Maintain so many different tools and plugins for the Puppet namespace
  • Maintain and coordinate module development
  • Support other Puppet users on IRC and meetups (FOSDEM here we come!)

Puppet tools and plugins
There is a huge lists of puppet tools. Catalog differ, dashboards, environment automation stuff, but also many many plugins for puppet-linter. We maintain a list of all known tools, also we maintain a few tools ourself.

Puppet modules
We run some of the most well known puppet modules, we got a few from the Puppet Labs namespace, some were created by ourself, we also got a few from other developers. You own a module and need help? Let us know! We’ve got good contribution guidlines, do a peer review, and we build an own CI service. We try to add unit and acceptance tests to any module, recently we added rubocop support to also improve the ruby code quality.

Giving support and sharing knowledge
Almost everybody of us is present in #puppet-community on freenode, supporting each other and guests in puppet development and the usage of any tool. We’re also present in Puppet Labs channels #puppet and #puppet-dev and actively working on the future of puppet, you can find at least one of us in every weekly PR triage.

You’re interested in Puppet? You need help? Join us!

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