#puppethack is coming again!

The event description:

Join us for #puppethack, our online puppet community hack day, on December 15th!
#puppethack is a collaborative, relaxed online puppet community hack day. It will be an opportunity for Puppet community members and Puppet Labs employees to tackle interesting or fun puppet projects that they haven’t had the time for. Everyone will gather online, getting to know each other, and collaborating on pull requests for modules and code.
Who it is for: #puppethack is an event for intermediate/advanced Puppet users, contributors, developers, module authors, docs writers, and anyone else contributing to the Puppet community.
Don’t forget that this, like all Puppet Community participation, falls under our community guidelines, which also contain helpful tips for using IRC, our bug tracker and other relevant tools.
Join us online in the #puppethack IRC channel on Freenode! You’re welcome to drop in at any point during the day – the event has extended hours to reflect the many timezones that Puppet contributors call home. We look forward to chatting with you!


I participated a very little bit in the last event (it was in june?), there was a lot of module hacking going around, and I’m planning to hack on my backup module this time. #puppethack will start on the 15. of December, you can register here. Last time there were even prizes! If I remember correctly, Puppetlabs draw a lot every hour, I won the price in the last hour, a 50$ amazon voucher, which I used for the smoker.

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