How to be a good Admin/DevOps/IT person

There are two types of system administrators/DevOps/admins/whatever, the first group has a normal 9-5 job, they stop thinking about IT after work, it is a normal job for them. Then there is another group, these people really love their job, it is their passion. They go to conferences on the weekend, they provide help for juniors in their company or to complete strangers on the internet. Another important difference: They feel responsible for their infrastructure, they have got a manifest or guidelines or directions for work and they honour them.

I blogged my Sysadmin Manifest a while back and wanted to write about the things at work that are important to honour these guidelines and what it takes to implement these rules in your team. While doing a bit of research I found a perfect article on the internet:

On Becoming a Senior Engineer from Katherine Daniels

She wrote about all the important points that I planned to mention so I will not repeat it.

@all: Please read her awesome post and take a look at the others (and also you can take a look at my Sysadmin Manifest and provide some feedback or add a point)

@Katherine thanks for the great post!

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