Cooking Chili con carne

I blogged a few recipes in the past, it is time to continue this series. I blogged this recipe a while back in german, this is an improved version, translated into English:

We need for 3 dinners:


  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 300gr corn
  • 500gr ground beef
  • 1200gr chopped tomatoes
  • 800gr red kidney beans
  • 75gr mustard
  • 2 onions
  • 500gr tzatziki
  • 3 to infinity chili peppers
  • Olive oil
  • 60gr tomato paste


  • salt
  • pepper
  • sugar

[because of stupid web browsers (chrome) the preview pictures can lie on their side, klick on them for high res blur pictures but with the correct orientation]

Heat up a pan (oven at 100%) and add the olive oil when the pan is hot:

You start with chopping the onions (please don’t ask for the weight, I forgot it, they were at normal size):

than throw the onions into the pan (you can also lay them into it, but throwing is more fun). While the onions are getting a light brown colour, you can start chopping the garlic as small as your blunt blade allows you to do (tip: a green arm on the garlic is a sign that he is getting old).

Now add the chopped garlic and the ground beef into the pan, lower the heat to ~ 50%.
[if somebody finds the photo that I did from the beef, please place it here]

The time of the spices comes:

Add a bit of everything, do it by instinct. Cover the pan now while you chop the chili peppers:

Just start with a small amount, you can always make it hotter with more chili peppers, but it is not so easy to make it milder. The final version has to taste a bit too hot for you, add the chili peppers by instinct. Now we put almost everything together, add the beef and the chili pepper into a big pot, than add the ingredients:

  • Two things: you will notice that 800gr (two cans) of tomatoes aren’t enough, so use your emergency can or you run very fast to the next grocery store.
  • Don’t add the corn/beans into the pot, only the water in it!

You also add the mustard and the tomato paste now (try to get the Bautz’ner mustard):

The combination should like like this:

Lower the heat until it lightly bubbles. It needs some time to thicken, let it cook for at least an hour (better 90mins) without a cap (or: let it cook until you wrote a blog post about it). After that time it should be really thick, perfect time to add the corn and all the beans. They need only around 5 minutes to heat up, take care that you don’t cook it too long or too hot, than the beans would explode.

Final stage, taste it! Is it too spicy? Perfect! Add tzatziki until the spice level is acceptable. The result can look like this:

Let me know if you tried this recipe!

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