Duply Fehler

Mein duply schmeißt mir folgende Fehlermeldung entgegen (Debian Wheezy):

root@caesar ~ # duply backup status
Start duply v1.5.5.5, time is 2015-03-08 01:51:11.
Using profile '/root/.duply/backup'.
Using installed duplicity version 0.6.18, python 2.7.3, gpg 1.4.12 (Home: ~/.gnupg), awk 'GNU Awk 4.0.1', bash '4.2.37(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)
'.                                                                                                                                                     Autoset found secret key of first GPG_KEY entry '*' for signing.
Test - Encrypt to * & Sign with * (OK)
Test - Decrypt (OK)
Test - Compare (OK)
Cleanup - Delete '/tmp/duply.20341.1425775872_*'(OK)

--- Start running command STATUS at 01:51:12.565 ---
Import of duplicity.backends.giobackend Failed: No module named gio
BackendException: ssh connection to *.de:22 failed: [Errno 111] Connection refused
01:51:13.794 Task 'STATUS' failed with exit code '23'.
--- Finished state FAILED 'code 23' at 01:51:13.794 - Runtime 00:00:01.229 --

Um dies zu beheben reicht ein das Folgende Kommando für Debian basierte Systeme:

aptitude install python-paramiko python-gobject-2

Alternativ für RHEL/CentOS:

yum -y install duply python-paramiko pygobject2
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