Vox Pupuli – Code of the Week 2

This is a new blog series that we would like to introduce. At Vox Pupuli, we receive many Pull Requests. We receive so much awesome code, that isn’t really appreciated. In the past, some of our members sent out tweets if they saw cool code. We now want to start a blog series with regular updates to appreciate the work of our collaborators and contributors.

We continue in week two with an unusual, but awesome, contribution. A long time ago emlun007 created a very fancy logo for our puppetboard project! Sadly, this contribution slipped through:

8bit vox

Another collaborator, Sebastian Rakel, was so kind to separate the image from the background (he kind of patched it – this pun is required to qualify this for the Code of the Week series):

8bit vox

We receive a lot of actual Puppet code as contributions, but there are so many other things that are important as well. Such as updates for documentations or logos. Did you know that we have a dedicated repository for all the logos and images we have?

Thank you emlun007 and Sebastian for this cool contribution!

Did you spot some cool code as well? Write a short blogpost or write an email to our Project Management committee or just drop a note on our IRC channel #voxpupuli on Freenode.

I also published this talk at https://voxpupuli.org/blog/2019/01/07/code-of-the-week/

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