I’m alive!

Hi everybody. Yes, this blog is still alive, so am I!

In the past two years I was very busy working in an Open Source Community – https://voxpupuli.org. Besides that I had to invest a huge a mount of time in my evening classes. As I wrote the last post, I was very busy with my bachelor thesis. The degree took eight terms, the thesis had to be made in the fith and sixth semester.

Datawarehousing for Cloud Computing Metrics

That is the title of my thesis. You can find the paper here and the slides for the presentation here (also check out my other talks I did in the past years). Sadly we had to do the paper in German. Yes, we. My degree is now Staatlich geprüfter Informatiker für technische Informatik or in English Equivalent to Bachelor of Engineering for Computer Science. The degree qualifies to be a team leader for technical teams with experts from different areas, such as database management, software engineering and networking. To prove that each student has not only knowledge in those expert fields, but can also lead a team, we had to do the thesis as a group. In my case this was a group of three people. The thesis was one of the best in our class and was rated with more than 92%.

The project itself, the documentation and the presentation were finished last summer (2017). Afterwards I had to prepare for the 3 final exams. I completed the whole further education this summer (2018) with an average grade of 1,7 (where 1 is the best and 6 the worst grade). This was also the best degree in the class.

This small FOSS thing…

I think in 2015 Spencer Krum asked me if I would like to get merge access to the Vox Pupuli organisation, and to help out maintaining the CI infrastructure. Half a year later, this happened: https://blog.bastelfreak.de/2016/05/one-month-in-open-source-projects

Now some time has passed by. Vox Pupuli is getting into the Software Freedom Conservancy and our small group of hackers and enthusiasts evolved into a real community with over 120 people. We now have a proper governance document (based on the great model from the openstack foundation). The community now has Project Management Committee – the PMC. I’m one of the founding members and got elected the third time in a row some days ago \o/

In the past two years, my university allowed me to do a lot of talks (checkout the stuff prefixed with computer sience). Besides that I had the honour to speak at multiple conferences. All talks are available at the above link. Four are even available on youtube!

Thank you GoDaddy EMEA!

last but not least, I want to say thank you to GoDaddy. My team was very helpful the past four years. Evening classes took a lot of time and I got a special treatment, for example was I the only person in an Ops/SRO team that didn’t have to be oncall. Also my current boss allows me to visit all the awesome conferences, not only to represent the company, but also to exchange knowledge and to improve my soft skills.

I’m very happy to work for GoDaddy and I’m looking forward to new opportunities as a conference speaker in 2019. Also I want do start blogging on a regular basis again!

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