OSDC 2016 Talk Recommendations

OSDC – The Open Source Datacenter Conference – just happend a few days back. Here is a short list of videos that I can recommend:

A Job and an Adventure – Dawn Foster

I met Dawn once at Puppetcamp Düsseldorf, she organized the event. Dawn is a powerful woman, speaking about open source and getting a job in that area.

An Introduction to Software Defined Networking SDN – Martin Loschwitz

Martin is well known for his work at Hastexo and now at Sys11. He is responsible for the Sys11-Stack. I had the opportunity to see his work at the last Sys11 Conference.

Introduction to Testing Puppet Modules – David Schmitt

David is a Senior Software Engineer at Puppet(labs), he puts a huge effort in making rspec and Puppet Modules better, rspec basics are the central point of his talk. I’m lucky to have David as an advisor for my bachelor thesis this summer.

What´s wrong with my Puppet – Felix Frank

Felix is a featured Puppet Community member since a very long time. You can always recognize him by his hair. I was able to meet him at the last config mangement camp and we had a great time. In this talk is goes into detailed puppet debugging for different use cases with different tools.

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