Linux Short Tip: Correct IPv6 with ferm firewalling

I mentioned ferm in my last post about gluster (an iptables/ip6tables abstraction layer in perl with a nice firewall config). The default rule-set looks like this:

table filter {
    chain INPUT {
        policy DROP;

        # connection tracking
        mod state state INVALID DROP;
        mod state state (ESTABLISHED RELATED) ACCEPT;

        # allow local connections
        interface lo ACCEPT;

        # respond to ping
        proto icmp icmp-type echo-request ACCEPT;

        # allow SSH connections
        proto tcp dport ssh ACCEPT;

        # ident connections are also allowed
        proto tcp dport auth ACCEPT;

        # the rest is dropped by the above policy

    # outgoing connections are not limited
    chain OUTPUT policy ACCEPT;

    # this is not a router
    chain FORWARD policy DROP;

Most people attend to C&P that blog and wrap it in domain ip6 {} if they also want to filter IPv6. This works fine accept for the ICMP part. It only allows echo requests (a normal ping/mtr). But IPv6 does Neighbor Discovery Protocol (the successor of Address Resolution Protocol) via ICMP. Your device won’t be able to reach your gateway without allowing ICMP completely, so a simple C&P will break existing IPv6 setups. My fixed version is:

## respond to ping
#proto icmp icmp-type echo-request ACCEPT;
# allow all icmp (needed for ipv6 NDP)
proto icmp ACCEPT;
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