Short Tip: tuning Zabbix Database Part 2

[part 1]

Besides disabling autovacuum you can also try to increase the performance if you have got enough free resources. There are three important options for this:

I lowered the sleep between two autovacuums to 0.2ms

(setting autovacuum_vacuum_cost_limit to -1 will instruct zabbix to use the vacuum_cost_limit value for autovacuum). The accumulated cost limit that will cause a vacuum to sleep, increasing it will result in a way higher IO usage. Be careful with this if you do not have a very fast IO storage which can deliver high random IO power (SSD Raid in my case). I increased the default 200 to 6000.

The default is pretty low and my machine had some free cores so I increased it to 12.

Puppet code to apply these changes to a Postgres 9.4 instance with Puppetlabs/PostgreSQL module:

    value => 12,
    value => '2ms',
    value => 6000,
    value => 6000,
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