#vDM30in30 review and thoughts

Wuhu I made it \o/

this is the 32. post that I create in this November (if I finish it in the next 8 minutes…). I started the 30 posts in 30 posts action on the 2. of November because Rob encouraged me to do it. The first days were really easy, I started a few new projects which where a good basis for several posts. The middle of the month was hard, I run out of ideas and motivation. Talking to other participants helped me to start again. I started one day too late, but nevertheless I was able to write two posts more than I had to.

I learned a few things during this month. I improved my English skills, found a few new friends (some even review my stuff before publishing!), I learned many new words and improved my vocabulary. The two most important points: I’m new better at structuring my posts and more people are reading my stuff. Not only this, they rethink the stuff I write, they provide positive feedback and also scrutinize my posts which created several awesome discussions about git, Puppet and IT security this month. Discussions like them are the key for all of us to get better in our job. We are arguing with others, we are learning new things and sometimes we convince people or we change our own opinion on certain points.

I will try to continue to write blog posts more frequently than I did before this action. I am excited to see how many people I can do next year!

(Here is a collection of all posts from this November)

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