PuppetConf 2015 recordings now available!

During the first week of october 2015 the last PuppetConf happened, Puppet Labs now released the recordings, here are a few that I can recommend:

Chocolatey and Puppet: Managing Your Windows Software Since 2011
Many people are still scared about managing Windows with Puppet (in fact, they are scared about almost anything with Windows). Rob Reynolds (Puppet Labs employee) talks about the management of software on windows with Chocolatey.

Are You Sure This Works? Test Your Modules for PE and Puppet Using Beaker, Docker and More
Richard Pijnenburg (elastic employee), who helped me a lot on setting up an elasticsearch cluster talks about the tricks and different ways on testing puppet modules.

Under the Hood: C++ Development at Puppet Labs
Puppet Labs was once a Ruby only development company. Now they are also heavily using clojure, C++ and other languages as well (chosse the best language for the job that needs to be done, not the language the know best). Kylo Ginsberg (Puppet Labs employee) talks about C++ at Puppet Labs, their most known C++ project is probably facter. Since version 3.0 it is written in C++, the old versions (that are way slower) are pure ruby.

Puppet, After a Decade and Change
Puppet itself is now more than 10 years old, Eric Sorenson (Puppet Labs employee) make a look back in the past and talks about the changes in Puppet in the last decade and gives a prospect of what will and could happen in the future.

Hacking Types and Providers – Introduction and Hands-On
Felix Frank (yey a german dude) is heavily contributing to Puppet itself and to our puppet-community namespace which made him a featured community member very early. He talks about how you have to read the types and providers source code, his struggles with it and how you extend the existing code base.

200,000 Lines Later: Our Journey to Manageable Puppet Code
Constant Contact is a U.S. company that started very early to use puppet but failed to keep track with newer versions. David Danzilio (the man with the best github avatar, shortly before daenney) started their to clean up the mess. He did an awesome job and now talked about the cleanup.

Puppetizing Your Organization: Taking Puppet from a Proof of Concept to the Configuration Management of Choice
I already wrote about the awesomeness of Rob (hey Rob o/) so I don’t need to repeat that here. He is currently working at AT&T and talked about proof of conecpts in configuration management and how to introduce it to colleagues.

Am I Awesome or Does This Refractor Suck?
Gary Larizza (who has an awesome blog that I mentioned earlier and does even more awesome work and talks) talks about refactoring. Please watch this video, I really like his kind of presentating and talking.

Last but not least: Identity: LGBTQ in Tech
Daniele Sluijters (the person with the second best github avatar) talks about the people in open source communities. I don’t want to spoil the talk so please just watch it.

All the videos are are available at puppetlabs.com

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