Tweets der Woche

Folgende Tweets wurden in dieser Woche in #puppet-community gesammelt:

Diesbezüglich gibt es noch einige Zitate von Robert ‘rnelson0’ Nelson:

Katniss Everdeen took a fistful of poison berries. No, the EULA says we can t, said Peeta. So she fed him to the hounds.

The raptors were peering through the glass door. “Well, I know this system, but I’m not allowed to reverse engineer it.

this may be the greated internet in all the internets

Außerdem gibt es noch ein Zitat von Daniele ‘daenny’ Sluijters:

Sailor Moon held out the glowing magic scroll. “In the name of the EULA, I will punish you!” The demon cowered in terror. #oraclefanfic

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