Geschichten aus dem IRC

Vorhin gab es folgende Diskussion im IRC (vorab Info: Spencer Krum (nibalizer) hat unter anderem dieses geniale Buch mitgeschrieben):

2015-02-26 23:38:14 igalic so.. i broke puppet.
2015-02-26 23:38:24 nibalizer igalic: dangit, again? we talked about this…
2015-02-26 23:38:47 igalic or rather: i broke hiera lookups, and i have no idea why. debug logs aren’t showing anything.
2015-02-26 23:42:09 igalic nibalizer: help me fix it.
2015-02-26 23:42:23 igalic all i did was dist-upgrade and reboot the box, and now hiera is broken. that makes *no* sense.
2015-02-26 23:42:34 bastelfreak /o\
2015-02-26 23:42:42 bastelfreak ‘just a dist-upgrade’
2015-02-26 23:42:44 igalic nibalizer: you’re a puppet pro. you’re writing *books* on puppet.
2015-02-26 23:42:48 igalic bastelfreak;)
2015-02-26 23:43:42 nibalizer ‘all’

Hier nochmal in ordentlicher Textform so wie es sich gehört.

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